New high price for a three-bedroom at Jervois Prive is $3,220 per square foot

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Good Class Bungalows in Nassim exceed $4,500 psf, while a terraced house in Chancery exceeds $4,456 psf

The boutique project Jervois Prive set a new psf-price highest for the project with a 1,109 square foot 3-bedroom unit located on the fifth floor was purchased at $3.57 millions ($3,220psf) on the 17th of April. The sale was the most expensive condo psf price during the period of April 14-21. The psf cost of the three-bedroom apartment is higher than the previous record for Jervois Prive. It was seven10 square feet of two-bedroom apartment, located situated on the 5th floor which was offered at $2.13 million ($3,000 per square foot) on February 12.

Jervois Prive It is an elegant boutique development with 43 units. It is the debut project of property developer Midas Land. The freehold condominium is located on Jervois Road in prime District 10. The area is characterized by Chatsworth Park Good Class Bungalow Area and luxury condominiums that line Jervois Road. Schools nearby are Alexandra Primary School, Crescent Girls’ School and Queenstown Secondary School. Jervois Prive offers a variety of one-to three-bedroom homes that range from 549 to 1,389 sq feet. The development was officially launched to the market in May 2019. Based on data from the developer’s sales from URA The construction has sold six units so far.

Other freehold condos in the vicinity are Jervois Meadows and Dormer Park Both are located on Jervois Road. Both were constructed in the 1990s and units that were sold in recent times have averaged $1,776 and $1,873 per square foot, respectively.

According to URA restrictions the unit that is the most expensive in absolute value at Jervois Prive currently is a 1,389 sq feet three-bedder. It was purchased through Jervois Prive’s developer at $3.91 million ($2,817 per square foot) on June 6, 2019.

The second-highest price for psf this week was the resale for a 1,259 sq ft apartment located on the sixth floor of Botanic Gardens View. The unit was sold to the buyer for $3.68 million ($2,922 per square foot) on the 20th of April. The previous record for the psf-price for the unit was an area of 1,615 square feet on the 1st floor, which sold for $4.07 million ($2,521 per square foot) on August 5, 2019. The unit is also among the most expensive condo on the market in terms of the total selling price.

Botanic Gardens View is a 144-unit freehold community just off Cluny Road in prime District 10. It was completed in the year 1970. The condominium is located on Taman Serasi. It is located near Napier MRT Station on the Thomson East Coast Line. It is located near facilities like Ion Orchard, Far East Plaza and Lucky Plaza. It is also close to Rafthe fles Girls’ Secondary School as well as Botanic Gardens.

The condos range between 1,259 and 1,755 sq feet. The prime central location of the condo in an exclusive residential neighborhood in addition to its freehold status has contributed to its booming rate of growth over the last few years.

The median cost was $1,468 in April 2013, but is now $2,588 in April of this year. For comparison the nearby freehold properties like Botanic Gardens Mansion and Nassim Mansion have had an average price of $2,048 and $3.035 per sq ft, respectively.

On the other hand the sale that brought in the lowest price per square foot in the condo during the week was an 872 square foot two-bedroom apartment at the top of seventh floor The Atelier. It was purchased at $2.16 million ($2,479 per square foot) on the 21st of April. The Studio is located in Makeway Avenue in prime District 9. The Atelier was officially launched in March 2021. the freehold development of 120 units is 54% sold for an average of $2,683 per square foot in accordance with caveats that were lodged. It is situated near Newton MRT Station on the Downtown and North-South Lines. The nearby school and facilities include Anglo-Chinese Schools (Junior), LaSalle College of the Arts (Winstedt Campus) and Newton Food Centre.

The property has a variety of one-to four-bedroom homes that range from 549 to 1,496 sq feet.